Foam Case Inserts

RGH design and manufacture custom case inserts from a wide range of foams.  The service that is provided not only helps to securely protect your products but also helps to present them in a professional and stylish manner.

• Closed-cell polyethylene foam (in a range of densities) and open-cell polyurethane foams are available depending on how firm you need the packaging to be.  A range of colours are also available.

• RGH’s team of in-house CAD experts make the design process as simple as possible and help you to create the perfect solution, first time. You may want to send us the components that you need to protect, then we will endeavour to design the packaging for you.

• By using the latest in digital plotter technologies, foam inserts can be made from one solid piece of foam rather than laminate multiple sheets of foam together.

• RGH can mill foams to different depths giving you an extremely accurate and solid packing case. This capability also significantly reduces production time.  Prototype parts can be built prior to production to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your product.

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