RGH Manufacture every hangtab in-house giving you flexibility in terms of the thickness of plastic, the amount of adhesive and the format that you purchase your hangtabs.

  • The range of hangtabs can be produced in many formats including sheets, individually cut parts, booklets or most commonly rolls.  RGH can produce as many parts on a roll as you require
  • Any size of hangtab is available subject to tooling
  • Should you need to automatically apply your hangtabs then RGH can manufacture your hangtabs on a clear filmic liner which prevents liners snapping and aids magic eye readers to see through the liner
  • All hangtabs are produced with the euroslots and waste areas removed to save you the time and inconvenience of having to remove them
  • RGH's coating systems allow for different coatweights of adhesive to be applied to suit your application and to cope with the weight of product that you wish to hang
  • Crystal clear adhesive is available upon request
  • Extensive manufacturing capabilities allow RGH to process materials ranging from 100 micron up to 600 micron depending on the product required
  • All hangtabs are manufactured using recycled plastic

Pick a type of hangtab you require

  • All
  • Single Hole
  • Flexible
  • Hook
  • Rigid Heavy Duty
  • Alternative
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