Rotary Die Cutting

RGH's rotary die cutting machines allow for an extremely fast and highly accurate means for creating basic or highly complex components.

With servo assisted measuring capabilities RGH's rotary machines can produce kiss cut strips of almost any length which gives great flexibility in terms of the size of pad or strip that you need.

With their own laminating facility as well as waste removal stations, these machines give vast scope for design flexibility. As with the flat bed machinery, rotary cutting allows for products to be presented in a variety of ways enabling ease of application for our customers.

Although rotary tooling can initially be seen to be quite expensive, the speed with which product can be manufactured makes rotary die cutting a cost effective way of manufacturing parts. RGH pride themselves on owning one of the most extensive ranges of rotary tooling in the UK so if you would like a particular size or shape of component made then please call and one of our sales team will be able to let you know exactly what is available, chances are that we will already have the tool to suit your requirements!


The volume of work, accuracy required, detail of a part and type of material being cut are just four factors that helps determine the type of tooling required to manufacture a product in the most successful manner. RGH have one of the most extensive ranges of rotary tooling in the UK. As well as this, the introduction or rotary slitting tools and servo assisted cutting stations allows for a vast number of pad sizes to be produced from the tools that are already in-house - double sided foam strips in excess of 2 meters in length! If you have a particular size of pad or strip that you currently purchase and you are concerned that in order to resource that you may be forced to buy new tooling then please ask us, we may already have the tooling available that you require!


Reel to reel slitting - RGH’s reel-to-reel facility enables us to offer rolls of material cut to specific lengths and slit to widths from 12mm to 1600mm. With laser core and knife positioning RGH's compact winding and slitting unit enables very tight tolerance slitting with tolerances as low as +/- 0.5mm.

Automatic log slitting - With Manual and CNC controlled roll slitting available, RGH can produce rolls ranging from 3mm to 1500mm in width. This form of cutting is highly accurate, quick to set up and capable of small and large volumes of work. Short lead times are available due to the short set up time and there is a large scope for the sizes available rather than simply offering "off the shelf" standard sizes

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